Food distribution for the poor

On 8th of December at 12 noon an event was held to distribute food packages, organized with the help of the charitable organization “Maisto Bankas”, to which poor and socially supported people were invited, as well as families from our Children’s Day Care Center. In honor of the approaching Christmas holiday, during the distribution of food we collected earlier, we on behalf of all those who donated food wanted to gladden all those present and also to remind them that God, through the open hearts of people cares for everyone. Thus, God also cares for those who, for certain reasons, cannot independently ensure the well-being of their families. Around 60 people took part in this event. Brother Gediminas talked about the fact that all the goodness that comes from God is being manifested through regular people.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who donated food in stores, all volunteers who participated in the event, as well as all others who provided assistance. We can spread kindness only through common efforts. We are also grateful to God, who is merciful, gracious and full of goodness, because thanks to His mercy we were able to take part in this event and help people.

Food distributions for the poor
Food distribution for the poor

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